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  Misc. Pictures:

Cari's Yoga class Video

Craig's sunset picture

Jack's sunset and rainbows pictures

White Pelican and Friends

2008 Pool Party Pictures

 2022 Pictures:
Cruise to Salty dog Feb 2022

 2021 Pictures:

4th of July Cookout pictures

Memorial Day Cookout pictures

Fish Fry pictures

 2020 Pictures:

Christmas Lights

St Patricks Party and Dancing videos

Fish Fry Pictures

Chili & Soup Cookoff

 2019 Pictures:

4th of July Cookout 

Memorial Day Party

Welcome Back Jan 2019

Fish Fry

Brigid's Cross Music and Party

St. Patricks Covered Dish

Chile Cookoff party

 2018 Pictures:

Tree Decorating Party
Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome Back Party November

Boat Capsizes in Slip

Labor Day Cookout

Red Tide at SMYC

Bingo Returns to SMYC

4th of July Picnic

Fish Fry

St Pats Covered Dish and Music

Welcome Back Jan. 2018

Elvis Live pictures and videos

Pasta Night

SMYC January Brunch

 Flag Raising Ceremony

Spanish Main July 4th Flag decorations video

 2017 Pictures:

Cookie Exchange

Holiday Club House decorating

Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome Back November

SMYC Hurricane Pictures

Cupcakes for Cancer

Labor Day Picnic Pictures

Spanish Main Flag Decoration video

4th of July Cookout

Cari and David Reception Video

Kentucky Derby Pictures

SMYC volunteers help with Mulching

Easter Dinner

Annual Fish Fry

Flag Raising Ceremony

Welcome Back Party Jan 2017

Chili Cookoff

  2016 Pictures:

Mainers sing the Spanish Main Song

New Years Eve Party

It's not my Villa Party

Welcome Back Party


Armando's 10th Anniversary Party

4th Of July cookout

Memorial Day covered Dish

Brave Mainers fight Waves and Birds!

Fish Fry

Kentucky Derby Party

SMYC 50th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome Back January

St.Patricks Day Covered Dish

  2015 Pictures:
2015 New Years Eve Party

Lightning Rod

Welcome Back Party

Halloween Party

Labor Day cookout

Al Mondus hosts the Romeos for Lunch

4th of July Celebration

Juliets outing April 2015

Kentucky Derby

Easter Dinner

Fish Fry

St. Patricks Covered Dish

Irish Music Party

January Cocktail Party

Pork Chop covered dish

2014 Pictures:

SMYC New Year with a New York style ball drop

Christmas Tree Decorating

Halloween party

Labor Day 2014

Easter Dinner

Fish Fry 2014

St Pats Covered Dish

Valentine's Covered Dish

Grilled Steak Covered Dish

Sarasota Street Chalk paintings]

Club House Tented

 2013 Pictures:
Halloween 2013

Pool Repair

Fish Fry 2013

Easter Dinner

St. Pats Dinner

Bowling Banquet

January Covered Dish

  2012 Pictures:
Christmas Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Halloween Party pictures

Entrance Paver pictures

Jeanne and Walter Long Party

July 4th Covered Dish

Tropical Storm Debby hits SMYC

Dee Tornillo Birthday Celebration

Memorial Day 2012

SMYC Famous Fish Fry

Easter Dinner 2012

Bowling Banquet at Moores

St. Pats Party

Presidents Day Party 2012

Covered Dish Jan 2012

2011 Pictures:

Christmas Dinner 2011

Margaret Parrinello 90th Birthday

Welcome Back party

Halloween Party

Labor Day Picnic

Pat Kundson Birthday

SMYC Fish Fry 2011

SMYC Bowling Banquet 2011

St. Pats Covered Dish

Polish Pot Luck

NewYear 2010/11

2010 Pictures:
SMYC visits a Thai Palace

Halloween Party

Beer and Brats Oct

New SMYC sign

Fish Fry

Easter Dinner at the Club House  

Bowling Banquet

Super Bowl 2010

New Years 2009/10

Valentines Covered Dish